Film & Motion Graphics

This is an online portfolio of some of my work.


Karlie Kloss: Coding is a Superpower

In this video I edited for, super model Karlie Kloss explains why coding is a superpower. It reached 50,000 people on Facebook its first day online.

Get to Know Me: A 20 Second Reel

This motion graphics video was completed for my masters course in After Effects. The assignment was to create a 20 second ‘self-promotional’ video. Enjoy!

In Search of Nabad

A story of the Somali people who have come to Seattle seeking refuge. It is a documentary of their strength, resiliency, and hope in a new land. During Spring 2012, our production team raised over $6,000 on Kickstarter for the project and it was completed in September 2013. To learn more, check out this article written about the film and the filmmakers in “Seattle Globalist,” and this article about our recent invitation to screen and speak about the film at the University of Washington in Seattle. The film has been incorporated into the curriculum of UW’s History and International Studies departments. The completed documentary has a running time of 45 minutes and was filmed and co-edited by me.

Building Stronger Vaccine Supply Chains

In this project Catalytica produced for PATH, our team collaborated with PATH, scripted, and edited a short piece highlighting an innovative vaccine supply chain. My role included managing all footage, editing together string-outs, and working with the editor to ensure a quality outcome.

Green Thumbs and Art Galore

Pre-school campers discover crawling creatures, flourishing flora and their own imaginations during the week-long Green Thumbs and Art Galore IslandWood summer camp. This was scripted, partially filmed, and edited by me during my IslandWood internship.

Redesigning Courses for Student Success

In this piece, Catalytica produced a video telling the story of a successful course redesign at University of Maryland. I managed all files, executive edited, and interviewed several of the students featured.

Just for Girls

This documents the experience of over fifty 4th-9th grade girls united during IslandWood’s “Just for Girls” summer sleep-away camp. This was scripted, partially filmed, and edited by me during my IslandWood internship.

The Great American Novel

This short piece was created for my master’s course on motion graphics. The assignment asked for us to produce a 15 second ‘TV spot’ advertising a new season of ‘The Great American Novel on ABC.’ All illustration and animation done by me using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.

Young Women Empowered (Promo Video)

A video I shot and edited for the Seattle non-profit, Young Women Empowered. Every month, 50 young women and 20 mentors gather to empower one another. This video helps visually capture the powerful experience.

Stewardship Stories: Urban Youth and their Evolving Identities

This short documentary, which became my Senior Project, was created as a way to document IslandWood and Outdoor Opportunities’ collaboration. Forty-three urban teens gathered for ten weeks to learn about stewardship. What they discovered was both enlightening and motivating. Take a look at the evolution.

Connecting the Dots: Nutrition and Land Rights

One of five videos Catalytica created for Landesa, a non-profit organization that aims to  improve lives around the world by focusing on rural land development. I transcoded and file-managed all of the footage.

Connecting for Change: Voices of Change

A short promotional video created for the Marion Institute’s 2011 Connecting for Change: A Bioneers by the Bay Conference. All filming and editing completed within one day.

100% Off: A Recession Era Romance

A feature film, shot on 16mm film, that parallels two romances with a backdrop of the 2008 recession. As the First Assistant Camera, I was a creative member of film crew making feature film shot with 16mm film camera. I set up shots, provided creative direction, worked technical side of camera.

The City that Sleeps

Created for California band not an Airplane. Shot and co-edited within a day. Featured in The Stranger as the “Short Film Friday.”

Cooking with Pari Joon

First episode of a new cooking series meant to teach viewers how to cook traditional Persian dishes. All shot and edited  by me. Featured in The Stranger as a “Short Film Friday.”

zHome: A Zero Carbon Emission Housing Unit

A promotional video used for this sustainable development as a way to inform and engage the community surrounding zHome and inspire a sense of environmentalism in those who watch. Created for an Urban Planning course at University of Washington.

Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition: Cleaning up a Superfund Site

Researched, interviewed and filmed those related to the toxic clean-up on the Lower Duwamish River. Created for an Urban Planning course at University of Washington.

Additional Videographer, Seattle Channel

View here!

Footage taken by me for the IslandWood documentary on urban youth seeking stewardship projects in their communities, creating digital media stories about these projects, and experiencing an evolving identity as a community/environmental steward themselves.  Used for a Seattle Channel piece on stewardship (View at 8:55).